Artist / Author Information
Artist and Sci-Fi / Fantasy Author

P.O. Box 367
Hamptonville, NC 27020

Instagram: wwrightartistnc

W. Wright is the author of the Brimstone’s Knight trilogy, as well as the newly released, Disfigured Angel. Born in Winston-Salem, NC. He currently resides in a small rural community located within the foothills of North Carolina. Surrounded by solitude and vineyards, he focuses his time on writing, as well as painting; he is also an award-winning artist. As a pre-teen, he became an avid reader. After taking a creative writing class during his senior year in high school, he began to write short stories for his friends and family. The idea for Brimstone’s Knight came about from his experience with organized religion, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge regarding the Knights Templar, the love of mythical dragons, and like most people, his experiences in life and love.

Brimstone's Knight is a Pinnacle Award winner for 2019, Best in Science Fiction. It is an international release and available from Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Books-A-Million, and many other fine bookstores around the world.

Disfigured Angel is a grimdark urban fantasy (horror) that takes place in modern day Chicago. Age recommendation: 17+. Now available on-line at Barnes& Noble in Nook eBook and paperback editions. Hardback edition coming soon.

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