Disfigured Angel is a free novella from the author of BRIMSTONE'S KNIGHT. Disfigured Angel by W. Wright
Adam Lucius Evans was born half human, half something else.
With guidance and support of Father Harris and Sister Elizabeth,
he will become what he was meant to be.

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A forbidden relationship results in the birth of a horribly disfigured child. Father Frederic Harris contacts the nearby abbey to find a caretaker for the infant. At first Sister Elizabeth finds the child’s appearance repulsive but with each passing day her heart is filled with compassion. The child is hidden away in an upper chamber of the church. As the boy grows older the nun discovers that he is blessed with a beautiful singing voice. In an effort to revive the struggling old historical church the nun compels the priest to let the child sing during Christmas Mass. The results are nothing less than miraculous. Now keeping the boy safe beneath hooded tunics becomes harder, especially when word begins to spread nationwide. People crowd the streets to hear the Singing Angel of Saint Matthew’s Cathedral. Among the spectators are men with far less than favorable intentions toward the young monk. After meeting a kind and beautiful young lady by the name of Cynthia, young Luke’s restless spirit stirs with desire. He yearns to be normal and leave his sacred stone imprisonment. Sister Elizabeth has come to love the boy dearly but knows that such a thing would be impossible. Especially for someone who has the heart of an angel trapped in the body of a monster. Father Harris is firmly set against Luke ever leaving the safety of the cathedral. Yet God works in mysterious ways and Luke will find his incredible calling when he discovers that Cynthia’s life is in jeopardy and time is running out!

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