Disfigured Angel is a free novella from the author of BRIMSTONE'S KNIGHT. DISFIGURED ANGEL by W. Wright
Adam Lucius Evans was born half human, half something else.
With the guidance, support and love of Father Harris and
Sister Elizabeth, he will become what he was meant to be.

NOTICE: Disfigured Angel is a GrimDark series.
Subject matter contains birth defects, an ancient
curse, brutal violence, death and bi-polar symbiosis.

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"A compelling and irresistable urban fantasy!" - Keppler


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The legend of the gargoyle is among the oldest of all time. Long before the dark ages there were mentions of a mystical creature that appears mysteriously out of the shadows. It always seems to come in a time of crisis. Throughout time this dark creature has lived on the pages of myth, legends, and superstitious stories of old. However, this time the beast will come at the beckoning words of a man. Adam Lucius Evans was born half human, half something else. Some will say he is a demon. Others will declare him an angel. They will all come to know him as the gargoyle. Along the darkest of the streets that run through Chicago, a champion will rise. Born horribly disfigured, raised in a loft room within an old historic cathedral. He was nurtured by Father Harris, a middle aged priest. Educated and guided by Sister Elizabeth, a nun who has cared for him for many him years. Adam Lucius Evans becomes a highly intelligent man, strong in body, noble in cause, and faith unshakable. He has the singing voice of an angel yet he must hide his face daily, you would not like what you’d see. Make no mistake; there is a deadly darkness within his countenance. Luke is a warrior monk with the curse of a bi-polar symbiosis. Deep within the inner shadows of Friar Luke’s mind a vicious beast has evolved. It is mysterious, blood thirsty, and a very cunning creature. If Luke is to survive the dark streets of the river district then he must somehow embrace the beast within. Its enormous strength and blinding speed may be all that can keep Luke alive, or it could be his eternal damnation!

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